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TCPRA is an integrated multimedia lifestyle network organisation. With our array of strong business principles, we create a place that inspires people to Love. Dream. Succeed. Give.
Our platform is created for optimal efficiency, usability and connectivity for consumers, business and professional individuals. We validate every piece of information we publish as original and authentic. We are a one-stop shop for all the relevant information which you require – imagine an encyclopaedia that updated itself to on-the-go happenings and upcoming events. A source which you can go to for work purposes, personal knowledge growth, or simply entertainment and joyful browsing.
We offer marketing solutions and advertising space on our website, which will get clients key exposure to their products and their brand. Our online platforms specialise in providing its users validated, quality, reliable and relevant content.
We at TrueChase believe that there is no substitute for quality, innovation and reliability. We do this to create a competitive market based on true quality so that we can allow expression of uniqueness and individuality.
By collecting everything from best practices, tutorials, profiling, talent search and promoting, we cover all bases, encompassing information that is useful for growth. We redesign and recreate content to ensure engagement between businesses/individuals and consumers.
Start-ups, SME, creative organisations
Creative writers and bloggers
Professional exposure – talent
General public, brand ambassadors
For outsourced writers we offer the ready-made structure optimised for reading experience, advertising ROI, and make engagement and personalised experience possible through our web platform.

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