About Entertainment

TrueChase PRA notes that life, without entertainment, would simply mean not living, but merely surviving.  Entertainment as such is vital towards human growth and expansion, it is by viewing that which is beyond the scope of our own imagination that we are spurred towards greater vision and accomplishment.

Entertainment is by definition “an activity that is diverting and that holds ones attention”. Simply put, it’s that moment where the air is thick with tangible anticipation… 

It’s that moment where practice and preparation meet like track athletes awaiting the bang of the starters pistol. Each speeding together towards the finish line. It’s the moment where these two combine with desire and determination culminating in an awe inspiring moment, a moment where vision is brought into reality.


This is what TrueChase desires to achieve. We aspire to be the coach behind your preparation. We desire to create moments  which inspire and build up, to promote and uplift the truly talented, the truly skilled champions.  We desire to help you to push the limit, to push the boundaries and boarders of human excellence, and to be a part of something great together.

Join us as we build platforms and look to connect like-minded goal-driven professionals, and together inspire growth of a higher standard of entertainers worldwide. Share and connect. Join us in shaping the world – be a part of history.



Love. Dream. Succeed. Give

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