About Fashion 

What makes TrueChasePRA so unique is the way it which it presents its content. Taking great pride in its every endeavour, TrueChasePRA showcases the latest global fashion trends. We feel that fashion is so much more than just texture, lines and labels, it is a way of self-expression, a way for man to reflect their thoughts, views and principles. It is emotional and affects confidence.


As such, we at TrueChase reflect fashion in this sense, it’s not about the models or the big name brands; it’s about celebrating the individuality of each human being and seeing how creative the mind goes. As Marc Jacobs states: “Being sexy is not about being naked”, and we agree wholeheartedly.  We promote quality, class, style and innovation on the same ideals as Jacobs.


TrueChasers add their bit of colour to the world. Their own personalised shade and touch of life… they create, and we appreciate thereby promoting and uplifting all those who believe what we believe fashion to be. It is more than just about ‘looking pretty’, it’s a reflection of one’s inner most being.


We Love. We Dream. We Succeed. We Give.

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