Meet the team

I’m Chace, the founder and CEO of TrueChase.

I welcome you all on the journey that we’re going to travel on as I look to direct my vision into something that adds value, pleasure and enjoyment to all those that come in contact with TrueChase products or services.

TrueChase is something that has been created to serve a need that I have found worldwide. It is something that has been developed into a ’we’ product and less of an ’I’ product, yet it is a product which creates an individualistic experience for all.

My experiences lies in marketing and sales andI am blessed to have a gift of truly understanding human psychology and human patterns.  My passions run deep and my opinions are strong, holding a strong sense of self-belief, I place a high priority on my values system higher than anything else.

I’m driven by excellence, passion, creativity and unique differentiation. I’m a fan of talent, quality and strong sense of true identity. Loyalty and Trust is a pillar a foundation that everything else good grows from. Honesty to one’s self instead of trying to fit into other peoples definition of what they believe it is, is key. As its written, “Judge not, that you may not be judged”, and be that as it may, I choose to handle this best by making it clear up to what point I’m willing to be involved in each particular situation.  Leaving no room for error, I am straight forward and upfront about what I want and who I am.

All these aspects of me are reflected in the ideas of TrueChase and will be the guidance of the business. We hope to bring you something that will change the way you reflect yourself, interact, communicate and market yourself forever.


Dare to dream – dare to change your future – become the captain of your own life – become a TrueChaser.

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