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  • Exposure through PR

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  • Video Reviews
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Our Story

TrueChasePRA to play with the Media & Social Networking big players


From March 2014, TrueChasePRA, a Marketing & PR firm was founded. Having numerous aspects to the service offering we offer, our focus is on key things – talented individuals, businesses that produce quality product and services, and information that is reliable relevant and authentic. Launching this platform that provides one -stop-shop functionality to all you need to get your brand out there as a talented person, we built it for our clients and the relevant industries suppliers to create a network to leverage one another and help those on their true Chase towards their dream. As its foundational platform, the website will continuously be developed and refined into the business’ mission.

In layman’s terms, we offer quality, relevant and reliable information, Marketing & PR and subscription services.

  • We aim to create a platform that has the fun interactivity of a social network, with the direction and efficiency of a top-tier marketing firm.

The management team is driven by young, skilled and vibrant professionals that have a thirst for creativity, innovation and quality, and for being a part of something new that can add value to global Internet users and consumers of products and services.


  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Marketing Solutions 70%
  • Inventions & Creativity 80%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

The business was originated in the heart of London, and has spread its wings in Cape Town, South Africa, to take flight here. Founder and CEO Chace Chimhanda talks about the business:

TrueChasePRA is a dream being transformed into reality. Each step we take forward is a step closer to how I pictured it in my head when originating the idea. What is so special about this is that it’s something that each and every person who is helping build the idea would use. 

It is a product and service that is free to all its users and extra benefits are rewarded to its users that reflect talent and skill, including businesses that produce quality and invest in creating innovative products and methods of services to serve the clients better in a more personalised manner. 

We give an extra marketing and PR hand to these people and businesses to help them realise their dreams, as we desire to have an even better future of fashion designers and directors, entertainers and lifestyle products to enhance our lives and the lives of others around us. 

I’m personally a fan of talent, and I believe if we can do our little bit to push the creators in the world forward, we would live more fulfilling lives. There’s a saying, ‘the wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard because of all the talent and ideas that could not be realised’ – we at TrueChase would like to change that. 

We don’t cater for only the wealthy – we cater for the common man who can appreciate quality, who believes that they deserve the best of what they can afford, and to those who believe, like we believe, that money should not be a hindrance, but instead a path to create a life which they have the potential to live. Essentially, we look to save people time in trial and error of ‘well-marketed’ bad products and services, so they can enjoy their precious time spending it as they desire with their loved ones.

TrueChasePRA seems to embody the qualities of the great changers in the world, as Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, famously said: “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually are the ones who do.”

This seems like many of the current major Internet companies have used this quote as their foundational structure, using it as the skeleton of their culture, allowing them to grow into the market leaders which they are today. We shall watch as the ‘meat’ gets added on and perhaps witness yet another start-up that will shake big-market players when they least expect it, and more importantly serve the growing need for more personalised experiences in the hustle and bustle of life, giving us more time to actually live.



Founder & CEO

Hi, im Chace – I am the creative director behind this project. Everything there is to know about me can be found in the way the platform has been put together. It reflects deeper parts of me than most may ever know. Wish you an amazing Experience!

Tomer Goldenberg

Tomer Goldenberg

Hi – Im Tomer, and I handle Chace’s business – no way to him without getting past me :)

Nick D

Nick D


Our team of creatives seem to all have somewhat of an ego, I’m just a very down to earth guy, with “out of this earth” development skills !



Social Media Socialite

Hi, im Andreea, i’m “pretty” much “a social light”, of the trueChase team… read between the lines 😉

Bogdan Vlad

Bogdan Vlad

International Affairs - Creative Partner

The type of guy who knows those type of guys you want to know… a true Chaser for life!

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