NAME: Light Lounge Studio

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Premium Studio & Photography Space

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: #office space #Space for hair and make-up trials #TV #Sound (docking station + surround sound and lighting)

A space at competitive rates that allows people the resources they need to do all they need to do. A place designed around helping upcoming photographers to have the correct setup, creating the opportunity to let passionate professional and skilled photographers work in the best standards allowing them to concentrate on photography while we take care of the rest.

LOVE: Our love is mixing the passion of photography and our spiritual beliefs of honesty, purity and charity. The creation of Light Lounge has had many testimonies built with love and blessings. We believe to let it serve that same purpose for others who believe what we believe, is the way  honour God’s love.
DREAM: To build an all-accessible strong franchise in South Africa and extend our reach and message. We would love to get involved with the bigger corporate market out there. We can do what ‘the big guys’ in the industry are doing, and better, and we would like to share our work on these big platforms such as magazines, being involved with clothing lines getting their photo’s up, as well as getting into advertising where we shoot amazing images for big billboards.
SUCCEED: When we’ve grown the business organically and created an environment and space people can be comfortable in – where Light Lounge has the reputation of being an open, accessible and user-friendly studio in the industry that people can trust. When we can look back and see growth and goals reached and see we haven’t waivered from our values.
GIVE: Successful giving is helping people without expecting anything back. So where we can we would like to offer our studio for greater good, i.e. we’ve offered it up to the church, cell groups and worship sessions. On a professional scale we love to give advice to photographers and share our experience helping them give better quality of work to their clients.



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