NAME: 54 Kingdoms


TALENT: Designer – Fashion


“54 Kingdoms mission is to bring the ideology of ethnicity, culture and fashion integration to a higher level by creating pieces tailored to the relevancy and appeal of its consumers. At 54 Kingdoms, it’s not just about dressing to IMPRESS, but to also EXPRESS culture, pride and identity, hence our motto It’s a Kulture, not a Brand

LOVE: We design to Educate, Empower and Motivate. At 54 Kingdoms, we do not design FOR the African Diaspora, but rather THROUGH. However, we draw our inspiration from the African Diaspora. These inspirations help us tell our story; we do it through our love for fashion. We are the original Storytellers in FashionTM
DREAM: Our vision is to own a creative hub, where we can produce almost everything in-house; design, fashion and technology. One thing we strive for at 54 Kingdoms is building a legacy, which can sustain and provide long-lasting opportunities for other creative.
SUCCEED: Being unique and separating our design model from the competition. As a reputation, when we’ve moved past being identified as key players, but recognized as innovators and a defining pillar in men’s fashion designers, in and around the global fashion industry. We can be proud of our level of achievement.
GIVE: Fashion isn’t just about aesthetics, it displays the pattern of our pride and self-expression. Through doing what we do with care and absolute craftsmanship, we give back to all that we believe fashion to be, and to the pride of the United States of Africa (U.S.A). We preserve and promote our history through our clothing, so we when you wear a 54 Kingdoms product, you are wearing a piece of Kulture.


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