So you’re experiencing one of those days where you don’t know what to wear and you’ve tried on almost every outfit in your cupboard and still haven’t decided on what you want to wear that day.

What to do now? Crawling back into bed or making a wish to your magical fairy-godmother will not help.

Don’t worry – we have a solution.

Below we list the must-haves for every female’s wardrobe. The good thing is that you can pair and match any item of clothing with these simple pieces and have a fab ensemble in no time!
Whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s, these are every woman’s essentials:

  • Purchase a pair (or two) of black pants. These not only look good in elegant and more formal settings, but fit perfectly in any socialising environment.
  • A pair of black heels. These go with absolutely any outfit, whatever the season or occasion.
  • A simple black work dress, a black business suit and a black formal dress. Yes, we said black. Black looks good all the time, no matter what mood you are in, so having these simple items on hand will make you feel better, if not more confident than the attitude that you started the day with.
  • A colourful scarf or wrap. We recommend this be one of your favourite colours as it’ll create an accent piece for your black ensembles.
  • A French-Cuff dress shirt to go with your business suit or a tailored white shirt will do the trick.


As long as you have these basics in your cupboard you can avoid the frustration and wasted minutes trying on every outfit in your cupboard – you’ll not only look good but be ready to own the day.

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