NAME: Andre Campher

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Photography


“Be simple and exceptional – be good or be good at it!”

LOVE – is all in the experience. I find love through channels of arts and culture, unity, accessibility and sharing. These things give me the feeling of love. Photography supplies all these channels at once. It allows you to portray what you see, think and feel offering simple guidelines – with no limitations – true love
DREAM – to build a brand and incorporate into my lifestyle. I’d like to build a one-stop shop supplying all services to other photographers – advice; accessibility, workshops; collaborations; key events and shoots for top information aggregators/magazines.
 SUCCEED – I pride myself in knowledge and constant and never-ending improvement. Feeling I’m serving my growth gives me a sense of accomplishment. Success is reflected ultimately in happy clients. As a creative, happy clients give a sense of satisfaction.
GIVE – through knowledge to other photographers and through sharing my time and being accessible to people who need it. The best thing to give a person is a positive memory, and being a part of that and supplying them with a token they can keep and be proud of is fuel that keeps me running through the hustle and bustle of life. 




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