Artist’s Statement – Vladinsky

Artist’s Statement – Vladinsky

My work as an artist is all about creating energy, movement and using color to evoke a particular mood. When I create a new painting, I like to hear the voice of all the magnificent colors in the spectrum. Every lovely color speaks to me in a different way. The many beautiful colors all seem to want a space in the composition. This interplay of the colors is somewhat like a battle on the canvas. Each individual color is struggling to get in front of me for prominence on the surface of the painting.

Before I begin to make a painting, the plan for the piece is entirely in my head. Music of every variety is a great inspiration for me. I do not make preliminary sketches or drawings and work directly on the clean white canvas. I begin by laying strokes and acrylic paint directly from the bottles and mix them on the surface. My application technique uses brushes, palate knives and sometimes even my own hands. As I begin to paint, the wonderful kaleidoscope of colors mixes together revealing unexpected textures and exciting new shapes.

While I am working unconsciously as though on autopilot, the energy and flow of the painting emerges. When I’m fully engaged in the creative process of painting, there is an incredible moment when the real magic is discovered. The instant this happens I know that the painting will become a thing of amazing splendor.

When you are looking at my paintings, fresh images will be revealed. As the viewer observes the details, subtle patterns and new surface characteristics will emerge. I want my art to take you to a relaxing, tranquil place where there is only calm, harmony and balance.

My paintings inspire me as well; just looking at them makes me very happy and evokes a peaceful feeling in my spirit. My work is all about the sheer delight I feel in the true unity of the gorgeous colors. I don’t memorize these colors but continue to search the elements of the painting and discover new things each time I encounter the work.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the experience of interpreting my personal artistic vision for yourself. Each painting is a window into my soul at that special moment in time. Every new day offers me the exceptional opportunity to create art that has beauty, magic and wonder.


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