NAME: Bogdan Vlad

LOCATION: Bucharest, Romania

TALENT: Creative Directing and Brand Communications

PROJECTS: CEO and Founder of Fuyor Designs #trueChase international ambassador #Voz Vodka

“If you working hard but you are still in ‘pain’ then maybe it is time for you to start writing a real script – one for your life”

LOVE – Synergy; the perfect connection between the universe and myself. This may sound cliché, but this is what’s really important for me. This is true love’s meaning.
DREAM – It’s never about me. It’s to devel- op a brand that will be in 20 countries in the next three years. To make something great out of something that may seem small for others to enjoy.
 SUCCEED – Great communication between all things in my life, most people seek a balance, I seek more, communication is where most things are made and de- stroyed. A level of synchronisation be- tween family, friends a partner, business and life, that doesn’t interfere negatively on each other but work like a well-oiled system.
GIVE – Growing up I learnt how to give; I come from a small city, a family of three brothers, and parents of small means. I’ve learnt to share everything I have. I con- nect even more with people who need it because I can relate to them. Giving means happiness in my life, without it I would have no purpose. Giving is the summary of success certainly. Giving is pure gratitude.


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