NAME: Café Caprice
LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa
TALENT: Provide world class service in entertainment and lifestyle enjoyment
PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: A perfect combination of artisan cocktails, a café-style menu, relaxing lounges and sidewalk seating. Open seven days a week since 1999.
Positioned in Camps Bay, Café Caprice provides the perfect backdrop for late night entertainment and evening cocktails. Renowned as CT’s ultimate beach bar and café, Café Caprice provides the best in deep, chilled house sounds as DJ’s fill the space with laid back music from Thursday to Sunday.  

LOVE: Café Caprice helps people define what ‘lifestyle’ really means, more than that, it helps people truly enjoy life to the fullest. We strive to provide an experience by creating a relaxed yet contemporary ambience, focusing on the emotion that a place can stir within a person. For us, the emotion that creative simplicity can offer is love. Love for the people that understand this.
DREAM: To be more than just an experience but a memory – a smile on the face of people when speaking about time spent at Café Caprice. A place that provides more value-added services and a fresh approach than just being a place to go to for drinks. Ultimately, to become the ‘it’ place for networking within the entertainment, fashion lifestyle industries.
SUCCEED: When the majority of our marketing comes from word of mouth, due to the fact that a single person had an unforgettable experience at one of our events. To hear someone say: “I’m so excited to be here, I’ve heard so much about it,” and to live up and maintain their expectations. This is ultimate success. Providing clients with an extraordinary experience is what we’re in the business for.
GIVE: We like to give through experiences. Serving as a platform where people can enjoy and have a place to go to and when they have a specific social goal they would like to achieve, i.e. hosting a niche event at a reputable place with all the bells and whistles – phenomenal food, service, cocktails and other refreshment offers combined with spectacular views and a personal place to interact.


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