All across the globe people are becoming mindful of what they eat and how they train. This global phenomenon is evident in the increasing amount of diet- and health-related books, cuisine and fitness programmes available in the market today.

Born out of boot camps, outdoor fitness activities and weight-related exercises, comes an event unlike any other: CrossFit.

CrossFit defines itself as “the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide”.
While CrossFit caters to anyone in the fitness realm, or those hoping to reach a certain level of fitness, it, in fact, attracts the most competitive and fittest of athletes – particularly those want to push themselves as far as their bodies allow.

While the classes draw hundreds of people to its style of training, it’s the games that really attract the strongest.

Enter the CrossFit Games.

Originally created as test of true fitness, the games are made up of a range of functional movements.

Broken up into three stages, the games are made up of a variety of events to push every athlete to their end of their perceived physical boundaries. Stage one is a five-week global competition designed to weed out the average from the phenomenal. The top competitors of each region around the world will then qualify for the second stage, which is a three-day live event. After an extremely challenging and gruelling three days, three men and three women will advance to the final stage.

The final stage separates man and machine. The winners of which deserve the applause and respect of the international fitness community… at least until the next CrossFit Games.

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