NAME: Fuyor

TALENT: Lifestyle


PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: Designer T-shirts Inspired by the history of Romania all wrapped in a bottle

Our products come in a bottle, literally. It’s for the experience, it’s our first WOW factor. Everyone makes T-shirts – we want people to experience their history and fashion in a different way, through a famous quote or unique description; all through a high-quality product. It’s a mixture of fashion and culture. So, many of the elements are unique, and it all adds to the character of the wearer.

LOVE – It’s about art. It’s about taking history and translating it into T-shirts: Love is personal expression.
DREAM – For us, it’s to change the mentality of how people look at brands, and break the boundaries showing that you can do something huge, from something so simple and small. We simply create T-shirts… but we’re reinventing how it’s done: Limitless stories on limited pieces of cotton.
SUCCEED – a change of perception of T-shirts. Success is when we have successfully created something for everyone, everywhere, for every occasion. Until then we’ll keep pushing ourselves.
GIVE – We want to provide information; a sense of personalised identity of everything that is ’them’; inspiration and creativity; authenticity and possibilities.




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