While men are still buying engagement rings for their beloved (although, they are not spending as much on these rings as recent stats have found than 20 years ago), the thought of proposing is still a nerve-wracking thing.  Fear not men!  We’ve come up with some useful tips around the purchase of your tiny investment. Put that anxiety aside, take a breather and read our useful tips below.

  1. Don’t assume that you know the ideal ring for her. Is your girl into the old-fashioned style of engagement bands, or does she prefer a more modern band approach? Chances are, she hasn’t told you what she’d love. Take a look at the jewellery she wears – try gauge her style from there. If you still find yourself confused, talk to her closest friends – the reality is that she would have told her best friends what she’d love to wear on that ring finger.
  2. Establish a decent budget. You may choose to design a tailor-made custom ring. Depending on the style and taste of your lady, this may not come too cheap. Don’t be surprised if it costs you two months’ salary. Prepare!
  3. Try keep the proposal a surprise. Men often take their ladies into the store with them to choose the ideal ring – don’t! Make it something that she will talk about for years to come – be creative, show her how much thought and effort you have put in, not only on the ring, but on the proposal itself.
  4. Take note! Ring size is important.
    You don’t want to end up proposing and trying to shove a too small ring on to her finger. Don’t stress – this part is relatively simple. Find a ring of hers that she isn’t wearing and take it to the jeweller. Problem solved.
  5. Picking the band itself.

While there may be a variety of metals to choose from, you should know the one your lady prefers (simply take note of the other jewellery she wears), if you are in doubt you can’t go wrong with a platinum or white gold band.

  1. Selecting the diamond shape and setting of the ring.

While there may be predominantly five diamond shapes to choose from (round, heart, pear, princess and oval), and even more settings to choose from, this part of the process doesn’t have to be stressful experience. Here, if you are unsure of her taste, get the advice of her closest friend. She’ll more than likely know the exact ring or style that your lady would love. Chances are they would have had a conversation around engagement rings more than once. You can’t go wrong talking to your lady’s best friend.

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