So you’ve had a burning desire for as long as you can remember to start your very own business and become your own boss. So, what’s been stopping you?

As most investors will tell you, great risk could have the potential to offer great rewards. Unfortunately, the converse is true. The thing is you’ll never know unless you try – however, equipping yourself with a game plan and playing smart may make all the different in whether or not your endeavour will succeed.

Taking steps forward to achieve your goal means doing little things daily – after all, the devil is in the details. Flesh out your idea. Having it on paper is better than keeping it in your head as it will help you focus and refine your idea even more.

Of course, keeping your day job while trying to establish your own business is highly recommended! Therefore, you need to allocate time to focus specifically on your ideas. Don’t let anything distract – if you are seriously about creating your own business you need to sacrifice some time in order to make it a reality.

Research, research, research. Find out all you can about the industry that you wish to be in, and how your business can meet a need, offer a solution or do something better than other companies in a similar field.

Having goals to work towards helps to refine your objectives even more. Create a time frame of what you’d like done when and where. Don’t kick yourself if you’ve missed you timeframe by a couple of weeks – if you believe you have a great idea keep going. Keep in mind though, that start-ups take a while to become profitable (this is usually around three months or so), if, however, you’ve passed this time frame and face increasing challenges maybe it’s time for a change in direction.

But you’ll never know unless you try. Success comes to those who are willing to follow their passion. The question is, how passionate are you?


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