NAME: Hudsons Burger Joint

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Burgers. Innovation. Together!


“Inspired by the authentic American-style diner with leather benches and wooden tables, Hudsons is comfortably old-school but set to the soundtrack of contemporary city life. Old school with a new school trendy blend.”

LOVE: There is only one way which a lover can describe their true love: it is so much more than what meets the eye. This is exactly what Hudsons is about.  We’re more than a simple burger joint – we are an experience. The never-ending search for local ingredients and the care to hand make every topping, which results in a ‘wow!’ response is what makes Hudsons extraordinary. The gruelling process to make everything fresh and innovative can only be driven by the love of what we do.
DREAM: Ultimately, we want to be an integral part of the trend-setting CT culture. We strive to create an experience for our clients, one which they will want to repeat.
SUCCEED: We operate in an industry that requires constant innovation to stay ahead, which means success is something attainable but not retainable if we don’t change it up while keeping to our core foundation. Success to us is the same meaning that a ’successful’ relationship could be deemed: Growth with our clients and keeping things real, fresh and honest. The moment we lose that, we begin to fail our partners, who are the consumers, staff… everyone!
GIVE: We give our hearts, minds and best to our burger-loving clients. Even if you don’t eat beef, you can still eat a burger with our popular Ba-rack-o-lama, or La Di Dah with ostrich, to name but a few. Vegetarians are certainly not expected to compromise. We therefore give creative solutions and create the standard for other burger joints to compete at in South Africa. We know that a lot of places throughout the country don’t give A-grade produce ingredients and foods, so we offer all those that understand good burgers, the great burger experience.



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