Don’t fool yourself – summer is just around the corner. There’s no better time to get that beach body than during the winter months when your body is buried beneath layers upon layers of clothing. The endorphins will not only make you feel good (and warm you up) but by training throughout winter you’ll come out of it looking even better than you went going into it. Aside from avoiding the over packed gyms and fitness centres as the weather starts to warm, you be beach ready and feeling great.

To keep you motivated on your quest for the eternal beach body, think about purchasing a swimsuit now. Chances are you are more likely to find a swimsuit in your size and in the design that you want during the colder months than waiting till it gets warmer and having to scavenge amount the piles of oversized leftovers, and you’ll also avoid the queues!

Melanie Pace, a US-based stylist, says that when choosing a swimsuit you need to make sure that it suits your style or body type, if it doesn’t then move on to the next one.

To keep it simple, swimsuits are basically designed in five different types:

  1. The cutout – this type is most ideally suited for women who have a smaller waist, and who are not afraid to show off a bit of skin. The monokini falls into this category.
  2. Bustier tops – this two piece costume works for two types of women. Those who are bustier (should stick to a bold solid colour) and those who are smaller (can play around with patterns and designs).
  3. High-waisted bottoms – these come and go in popularity, so if you are one of those who is loving this style then feel free to grab any colour and design. As long as you feel comfortable wearing this style then we’re all for it.
  4. The old-school bikini – if you’ve spent hours in the gym, or just have a good natural physique than this style is for you. Whether you choose a funky design or simply stick to solid colours, choose to wear the same design and coloured top as bottoms, or mix it up with different coloured bottoms to tops – the choice is yours. Be creative.
  5. The one piece classic – this type is usually ideal for those who are shy about exposing their stomach. Opt for more solid colours and designs as this will deflect attention away from any body insecurity areas.

Author: Justine Olivier

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