NAME: Jean-Pierre Fortain

LOCATION: (Belgium) Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Master Chocolatier

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: Chocolate disk with salts, and Broccoli Muse on top #Hazelnut paste (the heaven) #muse of salmon

“Success is in the history: You can’t chase it forward, you can only acknowledge it when looking back.”


LOVE – Love for chocolate and the entire creation process. Love for the way that you can play with the taste of it. I’ve played with chocolate since I was boy, and chocolate has been in my family for three generations so it’s in my blood. It also mixes into my love for travel and experiencing life: When i travel I find other chocolatiers.
DREAM – My dream is to reach the artistic level of Master Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. It may sound odd but i don’t want to reach my dream. This dream keeps me young and creative; I prefer to live life fully with my family and my job – which is my hobby – and being able to enjoy it without having the headaches that that are often associated when your business expands.
SUCCEED – I owe a lot of my success to my mum. She was a lady of great honour and strength, working very hard to supply for us. I always wish that I could have spend more time with her; so when I look at my life now and see how hard I work, which connects me to her, I make sure that I spend time with my family which connects what I’ve missed with her. It’s because of this that I feel successful. The business is good; however, the life with my family is better. So I feel lucky that I have what I need and want in my life.
GIVE – A piece of history. I want an action of mine to go down in history; I want to add to storytelling of our time, even if it’s from something small such as through chocolate. The most important thing to give in life is good feelings, and I would like to share that. I would like to provide true chocolate lovers with the experience of boundless creativity and adventure through my work.




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