NAME: Jess Van Der Merwe

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Musician – Saxophone 


“In the entertainment industry you have to know the difference between when you’re working and when you’re partying.”

LOVE – As long as I have music in my life, I’ll be happy. My love for music comes down to what it makes people feel. It’s something which I’ve honed and developed from a young age – from the basic parts to more complex pieces – I love watching that transformation. I’m also drawn to the freedom I feel of being in my own world when playing, and I find that through playing music I express what’s going on inside.


DREAM – To create and compose, and to have a self-sustaining career revolving around music. If I were able to take time out to simply write music, get the best people to play it and for it to become recognised in SA and internationally would be my ultimate dream. To be able to play music at a major music festival and have people singing my music back to me would be electrifying and a dream come true.
 SUCCEED – Success is never final. It’s about a whole bunch of goals. Success on one of the bigger goals would be to play at a major music festival. Success is linked to the history of attaining goals – and there are many various gradients of success.


GIVE – People have been helpful in my career path, and I’d love to offer the same helping hand to others. Advice from those more experienced is such a powerful thing. The entertainment industry tends to be a dog-eat-dog world as way of survival. I prefer to give back by building good alliances and helping one another, through being supportive and helping people on their own journeys.


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