NAME: Neill Anthony

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Private Chef

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: I have not reinvented the wheel, but I have created a high standard that other private chefs need to perform to: i.e. Master classes with Bosch, radio and TV, etc.

“At the end of the day, food… is everything you have!”

LOVE: The feeling I have when in the kitchen, like a conductor directing a symphony – bursts of flavour, lingering memories… The power of being in control of that outcome is exhilarating… electrifying! This is LOVE.


DREAM: A space (not restaurant) where my beliefs of food, and the meaning I give to it, can be the integral bone structure. Not a restaurant, but a space where people would come for an experience, a place that opens for an event and closes till the next one – only operating when people have a cause. Getting people in touch with where it all comes from – creating that beautiful synergy of food and memories.
 SUCCEED: To be a part of revolutionising views on food – where people are cooking again and the younger generation have fallen in love with food, having it as part of their culture instead of surviving on two-minute noodles and fast foods.


GIVE: Knowledge, back to the industry. Not through teaching. Partaking more like causes such as GoodHope FM’s Superhero’s charity cause where we cook soup and send it to shelters. To give people an experience they may never have had previously. Growing ‘A grade’ food for people to enjoy in the ‘SPACE’.





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