NAME: Nelis Engelbrecht

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Photography

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: #Nelis Engelbrecht Wedding photography #Light Lounge Studio #SA School Photography

“Do what you do and do it well – if you do a job, don’t let anyone come back an be able to clean it up after you.”

LOVE: My love for cameras developed when I was a young boy. My love is for photography and the great interactions you get to experience with people, light, landscape, living and non-living objects – this brings me deep joy.


DREAM: To build a legacy. The dream to let my name, brand and work live longer than I ever could, and inspire people who believe what I believe in. My core belief is in photography: What collaborates to makes a great image and memory experience is 30% gear, 20% skill, 50% personality – for me to constantly develop my personality and communicate better with people is the long-term dream.


 SUCCEED: To be completely independent. Being able to keep positive, and reaching the level where I have more resources to give more of the best I have to offer, growing and being a person helps other people with pure intentions will be the ultimate level of success.


GIVE: Solutions to broken systems in the industry at competitive affordable prices. Give by creating more operational systems that can save others money and create more happy clients To create the standard and people who have a passion for what they do, be the brand that helps people get where they need to and have the platform to success without getting involved in all the nonsense out there.




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