NAME: Paige Stroobach

LOCATION: South Africa – LA, USA

TALENT: Singing

PROJECTS: #Late Night Friends Indie Band

“You never have to be perfect.”


LOVE: I grew up always pushing to be the best in all I did. Music is the only place I worked hard where I didn’t buckle under the pressure. Singing makes me feel… and is the first thing I never felt pressure to succeed. Music and singing allow me to  chase new levels without beating myself up for failures – which I love because these failures help me learn more about myself. There is no greater experience than self-actualisation. This is love for me
DREAM: It began wanting to tour and be the biggest thing, but as I’ve been in the industry its developed more specifically into being able to touch people in a way music touches me.
 SUCCEED: I believe that if you really are an artist, you’ll never be completely successful – you always creating. Success can be best explained then in waking up and being happy. I have no ‘ceiling’ but as long as my skill can fund my lifestyle, and I’m making music, that means something to me.


GIVE: To myself – the respect and love I need. By fulfilling my personal needs I can help and share the feeling of fulfilment. Through being a whole person, I can help others in their journey to completeness.





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