Russell Fox – Cape Towns amazing Magician

Russell Fox – Cape Towns amazing Magician

Africa’s most insane magician

Russell Fox – Magician Insane


Magic Consultant, Designer and manufacturer

For more information or bookings contact: Carol Binedell (Manager)
Mobile: 061 451 0928
I 021 825 5885 I I


“With a high paced and energetic presence, hard hitting magic and all round insane mannerism in all of his shows Russell Fox is Africa’s most insane magician”

Louise Style – Tygerburger
“Where comical madness meets a Magical Edge!”

Russell takes up the stage with full force, humor knows no boundaries or rules as your belongings go flying into his pockets and your lungs fill with air trying to catch your breath between what might be laughing and awe.

This is indeed the Fox in sheep’s clothing, and Russell is not to be underestimated, he is as loyal to his fans as a cat is to a sofa, and will make you feel like you’re at home in his company.

Tanzi Ann Davies – News Pod Media
The Magic of Russell Fox – Magician Insane Biography.

Welcome to the world of Russell Fox Magician Insane, Africa’s most influential and Insane Magician, Mentalist and Illusionist.

Since 1998 Russell’s path in magic has taken him on an International journey around the globe delving and engulfing the art of misleading the mind in the art of magic, mental-ism and illusion.

His shows are high energy, striking, and takes the mind on a journey to the impossible with mind blowing, reality defying illusion. Your mind is his stage and there he will tantalize and tease leaving you with that provoking thought questioning fiction and reality. Yet while leaving your mind questioning during the entire show he will have you laughing with his elegant yet subtle sense of humor and comedy manner.

His heart is not just to perform and mystify but to make magic as versatile in South Africa as it is in the US and UNITED KINGDOM. Enabling clients to use magic for anything their minds can wrap around.

Making vehicles appear, vanish, or levitate on stage for a launch, or having the CEO of your company appear at the beginning of your event. Creating magic to activate brands leaving people with a memory they will never forget regarding a product being activated or launched. Designing beautiful and powerful illusions for your specific requirement and needs that speak your product, brand etc. So Russell engaged and studied every genre of magic he possibly could ,making him one of the most prolific Master Magicians in Africa today.

Russell’s magic has seen him performing nationally and internationally for some of the most profound and amazing companies, television series and people, e.g. The Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Carlo Mac Farlane from Back Stage, Mac Stanley, Arno Carstens, Carol Bauer, Fishy Feshions (SABC3), My Super Sweet World Class (MTV EUROPE), Emo Adams – JOU SHOW (Mnet) and is sponsored by Primi Piatti international.

Be assured whether you are looking for a unique experience, show, intimate entertainment or MC for your next event with Russell Fox’s INSANE magic he will make the difference you want.

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