NAME: Sharon Charmz

LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa

TALENT: Director and writer

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: #Short Film: Abandon (Director/Writer/Producer) shot in NY #Documentary: Steel Wall (Producer) shot in SA #Company: Sharon Charmz Productions.



“Life is a journey. The journey is all in the story. The value of the story is in its message. The message inspires the next ones journey. It’s all connected.”

LOVE: is telling stories… and the message it gets across. This is the driving force, and this is what greatness is made from; touching an emotion which a person was not aware of, before the message hit them across the face… an ignition of inspiration, a provocation to thought, a transformation.
DREAM: To transform the world through the stories that my pieces tell. Passion pushes a skill beyond its boundaries; it creates moments of inspiration where the result is something so much more than just a great performance. Witnessing it moves you. The dream is to be in the heightened sense of passion when in production… things that will inspire people to make a difference in others’ lives.
 SUCCEED: Capitalising on my talent and profession. Producing spectacular pieces of entertainment and seeing the audience receiving the message the way it was intended to come across. Pushing people forward, to raise abandoned artists, and getting people to live differently!


GIVE: I believe giving is the most important part of existence. One must give of one’s talent/time, or whatever blessings God has given you – giving it to develop the people around you. Your love, dreams, success are all nothing without giving.



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