Don’t be fooled, boyfriend jeans are not your boyfriend’s jeans – they are jeans designed for women but are more relaxing and comfortable than the skinny and bootleg versions. These jeans are meant to look like something your man might wear, but you have chosen instead, however, they are created specifically for the softer sex.

The secret to wearing this type of jean is to choose the correct style for your body type – as with every other jean type. Keep in mind that the whole purpose of this style is to have them slightly baggier than your typical jean style.

Most wear their boyfriend jeans rolled to show off their ankles (note: this is the whole point of the jean), so don’t be afraid to experiment with something different than your usual style. You may just surprise yourself and become a fashion icon among your friends and colleagues. Yes, boyfriend jeans, when matched with appropriate attire (such as a smart, tailored jacket, heels and a belt), can be worn during your working hours.

Keep in mind that your jeans can still look feminine – match them with a sexy pair of heels, matching accessories or tight-fitting shirt and you’ll be rocking those boyfriend jeans in no time!

What are you waiting for? Express your style today!

Author: Justine Olivier

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