The Porsche Macan Event

The Porsche Macan Event

Last week Porsche SA launched its brand new Macan into the SA market. An event that was sure to be spectacular given Porsche’s reputation.


With a beautifully set-up, generously-sized venue, the launch was well hosted with good co-ordination and preparation – nothing short of what the Porsche brand is renowned for.


With an unlimited number of waitresses attending to all the guests in the venue, there was an endless flow of refreshments, a variety of delectable appetisers to keep the taste buds   or simply something to absorb the strong drinks within the array of upper-class guests. The ambience of the event was nothing short of mesmerising, leaving guests feeling luxurious and not wanting the evening to come to a close.

Porsche Macan Front

An overflow of Porsches outside made all those at the event feel at home, as the majority of guests in attendance were already part of the Porsche family. The continuous chatter across the room combined with the luxurious ambience, and guests being treated like royalty, resulted in an unforgettable experience.

The air was thick with excited anticipation as guests awaited the unveiling of Porsches latest model. Once all the guests had settled in, Porsche SA CEO Toby Venter introduced the car, before unveiling the sleek design and beauty of the Macan.


The review speaks of the event and less of the car, as we’ll leave the professionals to note their opinion, but as far as we are concerned, Porsche SA deserves a round of applause for a top-class launch. We are looking forward to many more to come.

Porsche Macan Wheel

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