The ultimate onesie

The ultimate onesie

Thought Onesies were specifically for children, think again.


A Dutch fashion designer has developed a Onesie that will enable you to be a walking WiFi hotspot.

We kid you not.

Borre Akkersdijk has ingeniously developed a system whereby he runs copper wire through the material during the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process “big spots are left open within the design so we can put chips and stuff in,” explains Akkersdijk.


While still in the prototype phase, Akkersdijk believes that wearable technology is only in the beginning stage. Once technology develops chips and wires that can be submerged in water and washed without being damaged, our technology may very well double up as our clothing.


The next time you enter a coffee shop you may find yourself sitting next to a Onesie-wearing WiFi hotspot.

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