NAME: Tiara Designs

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Fashion Designer



“To instil a sense of elegance through our fashion and accentuate beauty while keeping it classy in every design.”

LOVE – There is no better feeling of love than seeing a smiling, happy customer coming back to showcase themselves in a piece of my design and feeling great in what they are wearing. I design what I would wear, specifically what makes me feel good. Our designs are therefore very flattering, accentuating beauty and cater for the young and the more mature while instilling a level of understated elegance. A lot of our designs can go from daywear into evening-wear through accessorising correctly.
DREAM – To more boutique shops throughout SA, and to be able to create new designs all the time so that I can accelerate and expand what we’re doing. I’d like to develop an exclusive brand as a highly acclaimed designer.
SUCCEED – If we are able to grow in size as a brand without compromising our quality that would be the realisation of our ultimate-success goal. Once we have created a self-sustaining business and our designs become constantly in demand, we feel that we will have reach a certain level of success. Building up a loyal client base that alone will create a break-even on our production line will mean a high level of success in growth as well.
GIVE – Through offering sample items I can see how happy people feel when I create a beautiful design that makes them feel and look great. It’s the only real thing that we as designers have to offer people. So, it is for this reason that I go out my way to make it an amazing experience.




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