NAME: Tiberiu Arsene

LOCATION: Bucharest, Romania

TALENT: Photography

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: ‘Click to Play’ among many others under Tiberiu Arsene Fine Art


“In bad lighting, everyone looks ugly.” – Tiberiu Arsene

I’m a firm believer in the Nike quote: “Everything starts in your head. Stop making excuses. Just Do It!”

LOVE: For me, this is power. There is no greater feeling in the world, and I get that through my passion for photography. You control the light, the exposure; the entire scenery. Visuals are a key aspect to life – and I love the ability to be able to reflect life through what I see and how I create it.
DREAM: I want to develop my name within the industry to a legend of a period in Romania’s history. The culture of Romania is at the stage where quality is in demand, and my dream is to be one of the people responsible for driving that change and creating the standard of how we view things here.


 SUCCEED: When we are confidently able to know that we are the key go-to brand for magazine shoots and retouching of images in Romania – success all lies in the reputation, and I want that to be defined by the artistic talent which I have. This will be the point where my brand has reached a level of financial strength where it allows me to travel and concentrate solely on developing my skills, growing in the art of photography and pushing the boundaries while having my employees sustaining the growth of Tiberiu Arsene Fine Art, in Romania.
GIVE: through teaching other lovers of photography in Romania how to transform their talents and skill into an art. I want to share my experience and help build the standard of the next generation making it a competitive market.





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