NAME: Tzuf Solomon


TALENT: Sales & Kite Surfing

PERSONAL CREATIONS/PROJECTS: #Chasing the wind #Kite instructor at IKO (International Kite Boarding Organization)

“You only live once to do what you want to do, there’s enough time for everything else you HAVE to do. It’s better to live a short life doing all that you wanted, than a long life doing things you HAVE to… miserably.”


LOVE: Wind is like women… they’re unpredictable but once they come round, you can’t help but love them. The flying! The jumping! As long as you have a little wind, what you can achieve in the air through kite boarding is astounding – this is love.


DREAM: I want to do something that allows me to do my job from any place in the world, which will aid my second passion of travelling. Maybe ultimately, and it may sound cliché, but to be happy, wake up by myself, with no alarm blaring, just the sun, the soundtrack of waves and a light breeze.
 SUCCEED: This is the point where I can confidently say, ‘I took all my qualities and skills, and made the most of them.’ When I’ve made enough money to make a living, and join my passions together. The ‘Ah-ha!’ moment when I realise I have no commitment to having to do anything, but doing everything I want to do… this will be the defining moment.


GIVE: Providing information that is helpful to the next person going out to travel… helping them discover the gems of the world that I have experienced and sharing it in a way for more people to experience it, and how to experience it. Specifically for kiting lovers – knowledge is something you need to share.





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