NAME: Vladinsky

TALENT: Abstract Artist



“Wait to see me smile”

LOVE – When I’m painting and have an image in my head and that result is not what I want it to be, that’s where the disappointment starts. The disappointment means not being able to sleep for a day or two. That level of disappointment is love for me.
DREAM – My dream is to create very large paintings and introduce this culture into the minds of children who are interested in abstract painting. I want to make these children understand that the work is more than just a mixture of colors, brush strokes and canvases. Abstract art is emotion in paint.
 SUCCEED – When I paint, I do it with all my soul and I pour everything out of me and into the painting because this is my personal stamp on the artwork. This makes me very happy; and happiness is success. I understand that we need disappointment to fully evoke deep artistic expression. When we have this passion, it produces moments of magic. It’s in these magical moments that I’m complete. This is ultimate success for me.
GIVE – I realise that every day could be my last day on earth. So when I’m painting, I try to create the very best painting I can because this may be the last work I get to give. If I can supply an expressive “gateway” or “channel” to support children through emotional abandonment, this would be sacred to me. As Jesus said, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”



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