The race is on. AUDI, BMW, Ford and even Google are on a race to see who will be the first to produce sustainable and reliable driverless cars. Although experts have commented that it’ll take at least 20 years before driverless cars catch on and the technology really evolves, Google, on the other hand, is always up to prove people wrong.

The Google Self-Driving Project aims to create cars without any steering wheels, breaks or gas pedals, a stop/start button along with a screen outlining a path to your desired destination. You’ll basically be chauffer driven throughout the city once you input co-ordinates into the vehicles navigation system. The vehicles are primarily built with safety in mind, containing lane assist, along with sensors all over the body of the car and top speeds limited to 250mph.

“Recently we’ve seen an explosion in connected car technology and a growing interest in autonomous driving,” said Karl Brauer, a senior analyst at website Kelley Blue Book. “Google’s intention to begin building cars is the next logical step in the evolution of personal transportation.

Watch first hand as Google films one of the first users of its driverless cars:


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