NAME: Wolf & Maiden

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TALENT: Design and manufacturing


“To create beautiful product; one made to last and improve over time. W&M is locally sourced and manufactured, and romanticises the concept of longevity through making timeless pieces.”

LOVE – This is defined as a love for beautiful things; the process of creating them is equally rewarding. Designing evokes the ‘god’ energy: from conception, putting it onto paper, breathing life into a sketch design, collecting the material, going into production phase and getting the final product that defines the idea – like a child – this can only be made complete through love.
DREAM – To open a shop in certain places around the world where there is a deep appreciation for true craftsmanship, design, creativity, quality material and high consumption of these goods. We want to be the biggest exporter of South African leather goods and have a self-standing store in Cape Town, New York City, Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo… Copenhagen would be great, too.
SUCCEED – I’m already successful because success is defined as happiness. I’ve found my piece of sunshine as a person and this is directly reflected in my business. We love what we do and we’re passionate about doing it properly. Within this feeling of success, there are the financial goals but those come second in priority to the experience we now have.
GIVE – Giving back through job creation, training and educating people. The way we create our products allow people to always have the opportunity to up-skill and perhaps one day leave and start businesses of their own. Due to all leather goods being hand stitched, they are time-intensive products and therefore the only way to upscale is to employ more people.




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